SureCleanTM range uses a safer natural disinfectant (ionic silver technology) that is US Government (EPA) approved for use around food preparation areas and even around children and babies.

Our Disinfectant Technology contains NO:


Stabilized Silver Ion Complex:

A Safer Disinfectant

Silver has been used for hundreds of years as a natural disinfectant in the form of Silverware. Europeans used to keep food in silver pots to prevent them from turning bad. Silver spoons and bowls prevent food poisoning.


This new state of the art antibacterial agent : stabilized silver harnesses this effect. Since it is natural, it is 150 times less toxic than most chemical disinfectants in the market place, and it is non-irritant to skin. Most germs also are not resistant to silver, even though they are resistant to antibiotics and chemical disinfectants.


It is a broad range disinfectant that kills bacteria (gram+ and gram-), fungus and virus. The product is also registered safe for skin use, and is registered in the US for use as a preservative, antibacterial and body deodorant. It also exhibits a 24 hr residual killing effect on non-porous surfaces.


Stabilized Silver Ion Complex

The patented Stabilized Silver Ion Complex is US EPA (US Environment Protection Agency) registered as a Category 4 disinfectant which is 2 levels less dangerous than most chemical disinfectant that are Category 2. EPA registration states it can be used around children’s toys and furniture and around nurseries and day care centres, indicating its safety.

Titanium Dioxide (Tio2):

Self-Cleaning Consistent Anti-Germ Barrier

SureCleanTM utilizes Titanium Dioxide properties to provide the TitanClean permanent anti- bacterial coating service. The TitanClean coating provide a long list of benefits for a wide spectrum of uses and for many different industries. With a single coating of TitanClean, a long-lasting, self-cleaning, odour-removing, anti-bacterial protection barrier is created, that lasts 1 to 2 years. Imagine the amount of time and manual labour saved from cleaning and disinfection!


UV-PCO (ultraviolet photocatalytic oxidation) technology was discovered over thirty years ago in Japan and is broadly described as the opposite of photosynthesis. Photocatalysis is a completely natural process in which light-either sunlight or artificial indoor light– hits a mineral and triggers a chemical reaction that breaks up or decomposes organic matter.


Sources of UV-A light include:

fluorescent Sunlight

UV-A light is abundantly present in direct sunlight, more than enough to power the full self-cleaning effect of Titanium Dioxide Coatings applied to the outside of buildings, fixtures and vehicles.

Ambient Sunlight

On cloudy days, in the shade and in ambient sunlight through windows, there is also enough UV-A to trigger Titanium Dioxide coated surfaces to have self-cleaning and odour-eliminating benefits.

Fluorescent Light

Fluorescent lamps provide enough UV-A to make Titanium Dioxide coated surfaces very effective in eliminating odours indoors and helping to control the build-up of grime.


Photocatalytic TiO2 (titanium dioxide – a common and naturally occurring mineral safely used in paints and cosmetics) has been extensively studied and used (in Asia and Europe) for its beneficial effects in medical environments (to create self- sanitizing surfaces), as a valuable new tool in air and water treatment, as the key to producing self-cleaning windows and even in the production of smog-eating cement.


It is well documented that light energized, photocatalytic TiO2 is a safe, non-toxic, anti-oxidant that produces hydroxyl radicals (OH-) that are remarkably effective in rapidly decomposing organic matter, including bacteria, fungi, odours and nicotine. This chemical process of photocatalysis actually converts organic matter into the harmless elements of water and carbon dioxide, which are then released into the air but in such minute quantities that their conversion is unnoticeable. The air we breathe is full of water molecules but at such minute levels that we are not conscious of their presence. Moreover, because the process is a “catalytic” one, the chemistry of catalytic reactions means that the “ingredients” triggering these results are never used up in the process. Therefore, once applied to the specified surface (whether hotel room walls, carpets, upholstery or other soft good surfaces in casino areas, or HVAC ducting), the titanium-dioxide coated surfaces will continue to work, month after month.



The benefits of this TiO2 photocatalytic technology are so significant that this is the solution that Asian researchers turned to during the SARS epidemic. Research and actual hospital and medical usage of photocatalytic TiO2 in Asia accelerated greatly during that epidemic and it is this same technology that has been adapted by our TitanClean coating to completely and continuously eliminate the malodorous and harmful elements of cigarette and cigar smoke.

Effective Result


SureCleanTM disinfectants are safe but effective germ killers.

They are tested effective against:

  • A wide range of food and daily germs
  • HFMD (Hand Foot Mouth Disease) EV71 strain, prevents HFMD in all childcare centres using SureClean
  • MRSA, H1N1 and most antibiotic resistant and virulent infections. 24 hours killing action on any hard surface applied

Germ Kill-time