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Disinfection / Sanitization Service

SureCleanTM ’s Disinfection/Sanitization service eliminates germs, bacteria and viruses to protect and curb any diseases or outbreaks instantly. This also leaves your premises with a 30 days germ-free protection and a service certificate.


 Certificate forDisinfection Sanitization Service

Using a misting machine containing our GermClean solution, all germs, bacteria and viruses are eliminated up to 99.99%. Hard to reach areas such in between mattresses and inside drawers and cupboards are also meticulously disinfected. GermClean is highly effective yet child-safe and food- safe due to the using of silver ion technology and not other types of disinfectants with toxicity.




Automated Disinfection System

SureCleanTM ’s Automated Disinfection System (ADS) combines our disinfection products with technology to give you the most efficient and effective disinfection without the hassle. The ADS is fully automated, removing any need for manual disinfection. It is also highly effective, covering hard to reach corners like the underside surfaces of tables. The dry misting technology used means that all surfaces are covered equally and remains dry and paper-friendly. There is no more hassle of having to keep all books, magazines, paper and documents every time there is a sanitization.


Certificate for
Automated Disinfection System

The ADS empowers you to conduct a thorough sanitization and decontamination with the push of a button on your mobile phone. With the various settings available, you can also precisely setup the automated sanitization process to work efficiently and according to the schedule you desire. You can now create a fresh, germ-free and properly sanitized environment in your premises anytime, anywhere you are!