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Sureclean | Franchise

Welcome to Sureclean Global Pte Ltd, an innovative international company who holds master rights to Sureclean franchise worldwide. Sureclean Global Pte Ltd is incorporated and headquartered in Singapore.


Sureclean is a leading specialist in hygiene and disinfection products and services.


We serve many sectors of the market, predominantly in the education sector, food and beverage, hospitality, medical to residential markets.

Sureclean’s massive success and experience in the Singapore market, enables our Company to provide a proven business opportunity and platform for our potential partners and franchisees.


Our franchisees can easily tap on our knowledge and success experience on business operations, sales strategies, marketing campaigns, financial structures, employee management and business growth.



Sureclean sells disinfecting products and provides disinfection decontamination services to our customers. These are the various products that our franchisees carries:

  • Sureclean Hygiene Products
  • Sureclean Toiletries
  • Sureclean Permanent Antibacterial Coating Unit
  • Sureclean Automated Disinfection Unit
hygiene products


  • Hygiene Training Services
  • Hygiene Protocol Implementation



These are the Services that our franchisees will deliver to its customers:


Disinfection Decontamination Services
A quick turn key service, which provides an instant disinfection for an entire, premises which can last for 30days.

TitanClean Coating Service
A technology with many applications such as:

  • Self Cleaning

For exterior self-cleaning applications / exterior surface mold & moss protection

  • Air Purification

For VOCs, NOx, other air quality pollutants / the key components, filters, ducts of UV air purification equipment

  • Anti-bacterial

For Epidemic (H5N1, SARS, MRSA) defense / disease prevention after earthquake, flood, cyclone and etc. / hospital, public room, home daily anti-bacterial treatment / anti-bacterial surface treatment

  • Anti-mould & Anti-moss

For use on stucco, concrete, wood, marble, granite, metal, paint, panels…

  • Deodorization

For pet odour control / garbage odour treatment / tobacco smoke odour removal

  • Water Purification

For printing and dyeing industry / early stage cleaning of water for house


10 Good Reasons to Buy a Sureclean Franchise

1Effective & SafeProducts: Sureclean products are tested to kill 99.9999% of harmful bacteria and viruses, which have also been tested childsafe.

2Extensive Product Range: A wide variety of products and services to cater across various sectors and industries.

3Excellent Branding: As the existing industry leader in hygiene management in Singapore, Sureclean has earned a lot of good will from local preschools.

4Disinfection Services: Sureclean provides a wide range of disinfection services, such as ad-hoc, fully automated and permanent anti-bacterial coating.

5Hygiene Training Services: Sureclean is the only hygiene company that offers training for clients, which is strategic in increasing brand awareness and revenue for the business.

6High Profit Margins: Sureclean products and services are low in cost, yet generate high income for the franchisees.

7Geographical Exclusivity: Franchisees can choose from territory exclusivity on franchise and distribution.

8Business Support System: Sureclean provides franchisees with excellent and dedicated business support.

9Marketing Support: Sureclean also provides good marketing support and efforts to further boost the franchisees’ business.

10Sustainable Business Model: With our tried and tested business model, there are limitless opportunities for franchisees to create long-term viability and profitability in the business.