Hygiene Products Hospitality

We have an extensive range of products:

  • SureClean Pro™ Range of Institutional Disinfection & Hygiene Products
  • Basics Range™ of Cleaning & Degreasing Products
  • SaniHands & HandsClean range of Hand Hygiene Products & automated hand sanitizer dispensers
  • Disinfection Services
  • SureClean™ Range of Homecare Retail Range

We have developed specialized solutions for each industry segment of restaurants, childcare, hospitality and homecare industries.

BathClean™ – Premium Antibacterial Bath Gel

SureClean Pro BathClean is a extra mild formulation suitable for daily use. The mildly antibacterial formulation means a lower amount of antibacterial agents are use to mildly sanitize the body while you bathe, reducing germs without the skin irritancy of many antibacterial products. As the body can harbor many germs throughout the day, reducing it with a antibacterial bath and shampoo gel is useful to keep germs under control

Directions for Use:
Dispense into a 750ml pump bottle and dispense onto hand and lather on skin for a few minutes before washing off.

SaniHands™ – Alcohol-free Hand Sanitizer

SureClean Pro SaniHands hand sanitizer liquid is a alcohol free formulation that reduces germs on hands without washing. Hands can touch up to 300 surfaces daily and they pick up many germs. Hands are primarily responsible for transmission of diseases when they transfer germs to mouth and eyes. Using SaniHands regularly and daily reduce germs on hands and hence cut down the incidences of trnasmissions of infections.

Directions for use:
SaniHands hand sanitizing liquid is designed to be used with the SaniHand Automatic Dispenser. Refill the 100ml dispenser in the automatic dispenser.Place hands under the dispenser and allow for the sanitizing liquid to be sprayed onto the surface of the hands. Rub hands thoroughly, rubbing the liquid into the creases of the hands, between the fingers and especially on the finger tips and finger nails. Allow to air dry.

HandsClean™ – Premium Antibacterial Hand Soap

SureClean Pro Hands Clean is a gentle and mild hand wash solution formulated for daily use for washing hands to remove germs. Hands can touch up to 300 surfaces daily and they pick up many germs. Hands are primarily responsible for transmission of diseases when they transfer germs to mouth and eyes. Washing daily with Hands Clean will reduce germs on hands and hence cut down the incidences of transmission of infections.

Directions for use:
Wet hands. Dispense at least 2-4ml of hand wash liquid onto wet hands. Rub into the hands until rich lather for at least 2 minutes. Wash thoroughly off and dry with tissue or with a clean dry cloth.

KitchenClean™ – High Grade Antibacterial Degreaser

Kitchen Degreaser and Sanitizer

Kitchen Clean, 2-in-1 Antibacterial Kitchen Degreaser, is a gentle, pH balanced and biodegradable 2-in-1 degreaser/sanitizer. Using Silver Ion Technology, you can sanitize surfaces while you degrease it. The degreaser cuts through grease, oil and grime effectively and especially good to use after cooking. The non-toxic formula does not contain hazardous alkalis or acids and is pH balanced. Sanitizing kitchen surfaces will prevent food spoilage, food poisoning and other food related illnesses.

Directions for Use:
For spraying or pouring on cloth and wiping on greasy and oily surfaces after cooking. No need to rinse off, the ionic silver will sanitize the surface after the degreaser has dried. For oily and greasy floors, use with Surface Clean and pour a cupful of Kitchen Clean together with Surface Clean into a pail of water. Not to be used on marble or limestone or lacquered surfaces.

GermClean™- Hospital Grade Child Safe Disinfectant

GermClean is used by leading childcare centres and used by mothers who want a safer natural germicide for their children with many chemical sensitivities. Practically non-toxic & not-irritant, this water based formulation uses food grade colouring, natural disinfectant and essential oils for fragrance. Can be used in the home and around children, as well as in hospitals, hotels, restaurants and schools and childcare establishments.

Kills Germs effectively, it provides long lasting effects up to 24 hours. It is tested against Influenza A, SARS, Avian Flu, HIV AIDS & etc.

Germicide for Toys, Surfaces, Nursery, Floors, Laundry, Toilets, Sinks. Remove smells and odours by killing odour causing germs.

For disinfection, use directly from bottle with no dilution. Can be used as a spray in a spray bottle, or poured. Spray onto surface until completely wet, allow exposure time according to the type of micro-organism you want to control, (2mins for bacteria, 10mins for viruses and fungi) and wipe off. Apply only to pre-cleaned surfaces. For sanitization, add 3 capful to a half pail of water, and use for sanitization purpose. After dilution, use within 24 hours and then discard.